Beer show (the village, not the beverage)

I played to another great crowd in the tiny fishing village of Beer on the Devon coast. Old friend, Alan West, and friends did an opening set. Besides Alan and regular singing/writing partner, Steve Black (Blackie), they had two great guitar stylists in Dean Barnes (electric country-rock, country-blues) and Adam Sweet (acoustic blues-rock and blues). Wonderful music!

Once again, the people in the audience expressed personal connection with my songs and my performance. Of the new songs it was What I See and Remembering that seemed to strike the deepest chord with them. I Know also got their attention. Of the familiar songs, Jack and Lucy brought tears again and everyone sang along with Carolina Star. No one seems to tire of hearing those songs.

I invited Dean to join me on Old Flames at the beginning of the 2nd set. He had just realized I wrote that (with Pebe Sebert) and told me his father used to sing that song to him when he was 12. (Gee, thanks Dean. At least it wasn't his grandfather!). I also surprised him by getting him up to jam through Cover Me as the encore. It was great. He is an extremely talented player along the lines of the earlier great British to Nashville guitar transplants, Phil Donnelly from Ireland and Ray Flacke from England.

I also just received a link from a friend in Germany to a review he just did of ONLY ALONG FOR THE RIDE.

Here it is:

Just dump it into Google Translate. It's a deeply considered discussion of the album and the songs. I'm very gratified.

See you down the road!

- Hugh

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