De Woonboot

We played last night in De Woonboot van Nelis en Leentje. Woonboot means houseboat, but thankfully it wasn't really a boat! We were worried.

It was a large restaurant and music venue. There were about 80 people, all very attentive. We didn't do our best show, but we soldiered through and everyone loved us. It was another really good night.

The hit of the evening for us was seeing the collection of accordions and other instruments that Nelis has acquired over forty years. I posted one photo that is just the tip of the iceberg.  There were walls and walls of accordions. I've never seen that many in any music store and they are from everywhere.


It's really blustery this morning. A real Dutch day. We'll head back to Lichtenvoorde soon where we play tonight.

-- Hugh

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