Devon Days

Out the window of the train that brought me into Taunton, where Alan met me, I saw dramatic evidence of the flooding that has crippled large part of the West country of England. The photos (click here) are not a lake, that is farmland. It looked like this for about ten minutes of high speed travel before arriving at the station. The personal and economic impact will be felt in this area for years.

The next two photos are in Alan and Lynn's home. That is Alan, Shelby, Taylor, and Lynn in the first and Steve Black and me in the 2nd. I took Shelby's room for my stay which pushed her to room with her sister. Thank you both of you!

Steve and I worked on a song together yesterday. Got a start. We'll see if we are able to finish it. He's a talented writer with a lot of songs to his credit. I'm glad to get the chance to work with him.

The next shot is from the back of the Dolphin Hotel events room with Alan, Steve, Dean, and Adam doing the opening set. You can't really see them, but it gives an idea of the size of the room and crowd. As reported earlier, it was a great night.

The last three photos are of the show that the four of them did at the King's Arms in Seaton last night. Wonderful music! They have a great sound and are highly appreciated here. I expect them to soon get the wider audience they deserve.

The last photo is of two signs in the King's Arms. I thought these would interest those of you in the US. Very different alcohol laws!

Leaving Devon today for London.

More later!

- Hugh

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