Edinburgh show and Dunsinane Hill

The show last night went very well. I played at the Royal Oak, a small downstairs pub in the center of Edinburgh. The place was pretty full, though that didn't take more than about 20. Some folks were at my show in Edinburgh 20 years ago!

The promoter was David Hossack, who does this kind of thing occasionally just for the love of the music. American singer-songwriters are highly respected by a solid element of the Scottish music audiences. My old friend, John Thomson, who arranged the UK portion of my tour, came down from his home near Perth. See the photo of them on the Photos page.

The new songs were very well received. The opening singer was Tom Cleland. Older, and sang songs from the heart. A joy to hear.

After the show, John’s friend, Denis, drove us back to John’s house where I will be until Saturday.


Today I'm sitting in John and Janette Thomson's house looking at a Scottish hill dotted with sheep. John and I walked beside the hill this morning through the Devil's Gate and up to the top of...that's right!...Dunsinane Hill!! I looked over the plain to the North towards Birnam Wood. I could almost see MacDuff's army carrying the branches of the wood towards MacBeth's encampment where we were standing.

In the afternoon I walked up the hill behind John’s house to a small fishing loch. There is a photo of this also.

Tomorrow I'm off to Rothesay on the Isle of Bute, the traditional holding of the heir to the Scottish throne, and, yes, there is a castle! I'll let you know...

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Till then

- Hugh

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