Rothesay show plus castles and more

I arrived on the Isle of Bute by ferry from Wemyss bay about 4P on Saturday. Richard Snape, the promoter, met me and took me to the venue. It is St Paul's Hall, in the back of St Paul's church. (Yes, I officially played songs in the back of the church!)

Quick soundcheck with the help of Jordan, then time to get into the hotel and dinner.

I had dinner at the Waterfront Bistro. Amazing Scottish salmon dish!

Fortified and to the show.

The room was set up for 50 people and it looked about full to me. There were some sound problems in the first set that turned out to be a bad guitar chord, but soldiering on, the show was a tremendous success. I had several people express deep gratitude for their experience.

This is why I do this. People connect through my songs.

The next day, Sunday, Richard took me around the Isle of Bute. We visited the ruin of St Blane's Church and the still current Mount Stuart, an ancestral home of the royal family of Scotland. Tons of history involved.

Click here for photos

We had soup for lunch at a café on Ettrick bay, on the other side of the island.

We parted about 1 and I sorted out some of the photos. Then at 2:40, I met my old friend, Andy Fergus, whom I had lost track of, but through David Hassock in Edinburgh, had just gotten back in touch with the previous day. He happened to live near by and came over to visit. We talked and walked around Rothesay castle. (See Photos).

Andy used to own the Turf, a pub in Dalry, not too far away. I played there more than once, the first time on my first tour with John Stewart. John and I did two tours together in the UK. Unfortunately he died not too many years ago. We lost a great artist. I hope you will look him up if aren't familiar with his music.

On one tour I did in the 90's, Mary, Corianna, Greyson, and Lagan were all with me. Andy took two days off and drove us up through the highlands, visiting castles, abbys, glens, and seasides. Unforgettable.

Thank you, Andy. It was wonderful to see you again. We'll keep in touch this time!

I am currently in Devon, with Alan West and Lynn Richardson. More about them next time.

All the best to everyone,

-- Hugh

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