Two Shows in London

Alan took me to the train station at Axminster on Thursday. The train ride to London was easy, except that I never got the message that the coach I was in wasn't going to open its doors at my station, so I (along with a couple of others) had to frantically drag my suitcase, etc through a crowded coach to the other coach that did open its doors! One of those travel things...

I took the Victoria line (London Tube) from Vauxhall to Walthamstow Central and walked the half mile or so to the Rose and Crown where I was playing that night.

It's a great pub with a small theater upstairs. The resident theater company is are rehearsing "Superman, the Musical" for a three week run opening on Tuesday. I had a long chat with Kate (I hope I got her name right. I didn't write it down.) part of the production team (costumes and scenery). Sounds like a fun production. I gave her my card. Can't know too many people in theater!

My show was really fun. Opened by songs by Graham (the promoter) and Russ (the sound man). Both were highly entertaining. I didn't get pictures of them. Darn it!

John and Lizann were there. They brought John's sister, Ann, also. I drove back to Dorking with them after the show. Got in about 1A. Lizann had to work the next day in London!

On Friday I took the train up and back to the show in Twickenham. I met Phil Penman, who promoted this show and also had helped me to publicize ONLY ALONG FOR THE RIDE in the UK. This show was in a small art and crafts gallery. It was packed and terrific fun. A couple came from Northern Ireland to see me!

This time I did get a picture (click here) of Phil with Kevin and Allen who assisted the evening.

Thanks again all of you in London!

I got back to Dorking about 12:30A and John met me at the station after his gig that night. We had a car full of equipment for the short ride back to his house.

Now it's finishing songs with John for a few days and then I fly to Zurich on Thursday.

More adventures to come...

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