Several things going on...


Now and Then, Katy's and my new album, is reviewed in this months issue of ICON magazine. Check it out!

Click on "Current Issue", follow the links to the mag, and go to page 32. There we…

Hugh Moffatt, MFA!


I haven't written a lot about this, but for the last couple of years I've been working toward an MFA in Writing from the Spalding University Low Residency program in Louisville, Kentucky.

On Saturday, June 4, I received my…

Worcester show cancelled


I have had to cancel my trip to Worcester and my performance for WCUW on Sunday, May 1.

I'm very sorry for this. Personal circumstances have made this necessary.

I'll see you next time.

NOTE - I think that…

Bree and home!

We finished the tour with a private, invitation only, performance in Bree, Belgium, that was organized by our old friend Jan Schonkeren. It was another great evening. The small theater was full.  

Thank you, Jan!

We drove all day on…

'tZwaantje and De Vriendschap

Great shows in Lichtenvoorde and Wadway.

After spending four days off in Lichtenvoorde it was a little homecoming just to return on Saturday for the show at 'tZwaantje. wonderful audience and old friends Johannes and Adri came. 

We drove the…

De Woonboot

We played last night in De Woonboot van Nelis en Leentje. Woonboot means houseboat, but thankfully it wasn't really a boat! We were worried.

It was a large restaurant and music venue. There were about 80 people, all very attentive…

Germany and on to the Netherlands

We played on Sunday in Langenau, Germany, for our old friend, Peter Wroblewski and the Country Friends Koetz. Old friends and new. There were people there who have been following our music, individually and together, for 25 years. There were…

Turbenthal and adios to Switzerland

We drove without any traffic problems from Waldkraiburg to Turbenthal. The border crossings were uneventful, a good thing. 

The gasthaus Tulpenbaum is in Feubrunn, just 5 km from Turbenthal. It's beautiful, set on a farm. I have photos in Euro…

Waldkraiburg, Yes!

Longer drive, not too bad, easy border crossings into Austria and Germany.  

Amazing, warm, audience in the small Bistro inside the Kultur Haus.  So rewarding to play.

Wonderful to visit with Hanwjoerg Malonek again. It's been nearly 30 years since…

Starting the slog!

This begins the hardest part of the tour. Not playing, but traveling. Tonight we are in Filzbach, where we started. This time we play! (photo in Euro 2016) Then a days drive to Waldkraiburg in Germany, back to Turbenthal, Switzerland…

On the road again...

What a beautiful two days spent with Monika and Stephen in their home in Pieterlen. All I have to show for it is a picture of Buddy Butz, the cat chief of the mansion. (Euro 2016 under Photos. Just hover…

Olten, Frutigen, and Pieterlen

It's been a whirlwind three days. From Laupen we drove to Olten. Martin, the promoter, found a new venue, the Shauraum, that we inaugurated. It's a cafe rather than a theater, but Martin set up a really good sound system…