Netherlands and North Germany 4 (Lichtenvoorde)

Left Nijmegen on Wednesday. One unexpected twist.

Paul, one of Zaou's flat mates, found out the busses weren't running because of parking issues. He's actually a bus driver for Arriva and thinks it's silly.

So I waited till he got…

Netherlands and North Germany 3 (Zaou and the Castle)

Monday - Wednesday March 24-26 (see the photos!)

There is a lot to tell. I visited my niece, Zaou, in her castle! Well, not just hers. It is a collective living situation in De Refter, a castle-like building built in…

Netherlands and North Germany 2 (Valthermond and Greven)

During the day Annie and Lambert and I went for an hour walk through the woods nearby. It used to be farmland but wasn't really good for corn (wheat actually I suppose) and 25 years ago they planted the forest…

Netherlands and North Germany 1 (Amsterdam and Borger)

After settling business with Paul at the hotel, I walked to the train station. 09:16 to Zurich (tried another photo of one of the many ruined castles), then 11:00 to Koln (Cologne). In the Koln Bahnhof I had a great…

Switzerland Part 3

Riding the train from Innsbruck to Chur was again spectacular. There is a long tunnel 50 km or so before the Swiss border and after that the valleys and mountains are extreme. I took a few photos from the window…

Austria (Innsbruck)

I started the morning with a 25m minute run across the bridge to a forest and down the path a little. Felt great!

After a little email, Geri and I walked into their town of Muettenz, a suburb like village…

Switzerland Part 2 (Filzbach and Pieterlen)

Train to Bern 12:12 then to Zürich, then to Ziegelbrucke where Paul met me.

Took me to Kulturbuhne Lihn in Filzbach, on the side of a mountain above Ziegelbrucke, overlooking the Walensee, except it was foggy. Very beautiful the next…

Switzerland Part 2 (Laupen)

Walked to visit Richard and Edith. Talked literature with Richard, great to do.

He drove me to the Loewen, got my stuff into the car and drove to bahnhof
Train 14:12 to Schaffhousen, then to Zürich, to Bern, to Laupen…

Switzerland Part 2 (Diessenhofen)

Got in yesterday and spend the evening with Richard Dobson and his wife, Edith Brunold. I have known Richard since 1974 in Nashville. He has now lived in Switzerland for more than a decade. Edith is from Diessenhofen, but they…

Germany Part 2

During the day, Peter took me to a nature walk and African art complex in the next province. Wonderful to walk and look at the birds and the water, lakes. A lookout tower of wood. Met the folks from the…