Rothesay show plus castles and more

I arrived on the Isle of Bute by ferry from Wemyss bay about 4P on Saturday. Richard Snape, the promoter, met me and took me to the venue. It is St Paul's Hall, in the back of St Paul's church…

Edinburgh show and Dunsinane Hill

The show last night went very well. I played at the Royal Oak, a small downstairs pub in the center of Edinburgh. The place was pretty full, though that didn't take more than about 20. Some folks were at my…

Iain Anderson and BBC Scotland play Hugh Moffatt

Iain Anderson has an eclectic radio show out of Edinburgh that runs several nights a week from 10P to 1A. It has a loyal following among the Scottish Night Owls, of whom there are a few.

Iain has been playing…

Fun with John and Lizann

I'm staying in the little village of Westcott, part of the slightly less little village of Dorking, south of London, with Lizann and John Peppard. Followers of my former adventures may recognize that John and I are longtime co-writers, sort…

Arrival in London

I arrived in London today. Beautiful weather. John (Peppard) met me and took me to his home.

I ran into a Buddhist monk from Thailand at the airport in Chicago. Bright orange robe. Striking. He didn't speak much English, so…

2014 European Tour Starting Soon

Leaving February 12 for the UK and Scotland. I'll add entries here as I can. I hope you will enjoy following my adventures. Please add comments if you like!